Sequencer that Skips Steps?

Hi! I’m trying to imitate the “Step Jump” functionality from my Volca Sample in a VCV Rack sequence. Instead of muting “inactive” steps or not sending gates to create rhythm, it skips through a loop of just the “active” steps.

I’ve seen sequencers with different stepping directions (forward, backward, random) and even that step around in a preset algorithm, but not the ability to turn on and off which steps get stepped through, with the others are jumped over.

I know trigger sequencers have on/off steps that are usually meant to create rhythms with gaps. Instead of stepping at the clocked rate and only sending triggers or gates on lighted steps, I want the sequencer to trigger at a constant rate by skipping to the next “active” step.

If this doesn’t come in one sequencer module, any guidance in implement with something like a router or switch?

I know I’m probably just missing a module that solves what feels like a common use case. I appreciate any guidance!

Curve Sequencer might be able to do what you want:

Turn off all of the ENABLE buttons, and use only the ports to enable/disable steps.

One possible limitation: If I remember right, disabling the active step doesn’t stop it. Once a step starts, it always finishes. But some combination of ADVANCE mode and ENABLE signals might be able to do what you want.

SOLVED: bidoo - dTroY fits this description. I wish the active/inactive steps had trigger inputs, but I used stoermelder CV-MAP to change them

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Nysthi Squonk skips steps as well as having trigger inputs for each step.

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nysthi::(serge)programmer too