Sequencer ideas -- multiple steppers through same note

OK @jeremy this will be right up your alley!

You have a sequencer, something simple. Normally you’ll get a pitch/gate output. But what if you had more than one pitch/gate out, but each has its own clock input, reset, length, sequence offset and pitch offset?

So you would be able to have a single sequence of notes but have different voices playing through them on different trigger sequences, or transposed, or shifted in time.

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I’m working on something similar but phase driven.

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ya thats the whole fugue machine idea which i made a patch for and also you could do it with that array module


So, a polyphonic input and output then? You could use pdarray for that. You just have to figure out how you’d input the notes.

I think it’s possible to achieve your idea using offset generators and a bunch of sequential switches.

Anyway I think any trick that needs like 2 or 3 modules to achieve is a good candidate for a new module :slight_smile:

Yeah, i’ve just used pdarray, as suggested above, to achieve something like fugue machine. It’s my next vcp entry, as of now.

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Doesn’t Foundry fulfil the OP’s original requirement?(with even more possible variations)

Foundry is not simple.

the stocaudio polyTURING is working like that if I understand you right, for polytriggers it gives out polygated polynotes. the triggers can have different timinigs.

I think they have a couple of sequencers in that collection and I assume they are all polyphonic.