Sequencer Idea I like maybe for a module?

This is an idea I had and I REALLY like some of what it comes up with.

Instead of having a matrix of steps with CV and gate output, the triggers come from a Euclidean trigger sequencer and the pitch per channel of the sequencer is fixed. With 16 channels you can have 16 different notes, each playing it’s own Euclidean rhythm. Together this produces very regular patterns but because of the different length of each trigger sequences, it only repeats over a long interval.

  1. Quad Algorithmic Rhythm x 4
  2. 16 Bogaudio Reftones to choose notes.
  3. Merge all triggers from QARs
  4. Merge all RefTones together
  5. The first merger is polyphonic gates, the second merger is polyphonic note CV.

This could be merged into a sequencer, basically an extra knob per channel for pitch, and a polyphonic CV/Gate output added. What do you reckon @almostEric ?

2024-04-27.vcv (59.7 KB)


VERY nice :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I get a crash and can’t load this patch, which is a pity. I am using VCV 2.4.1. should that be the problem?

I was using 2.5.1. On Windows. Did you look at the log.txt?

Here is the log, I am using Windows 7. LOG.txt (1.7 KB)

It looks as though it can’t find some modules in a way that crashes Rack.

You need to DEFINITELY send that Rack patch and the log.txt to support.

There are no doubt modules that I have installed that you don’t but it shouldn’t crash Rack.

Try this simpler patch:

2024-05-05.vcv (6.9 KB)

It only required VCV, MindMeld, Squinky Labs, Frozen Wasteland, Impromptu, and Blamsoft.

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Were you using the new 2.5.1. option to stack inputs on the previous patch ?

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I wasn’t in the second patch, maybe in the first patch?

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This one is workin fine. Do not know what is the problem with the first patch. Maybe the problem is the option to stack inputs in 2.5.1.

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Now I’m sure. The problem has nothing to do with your patch. I am using 2.41 and cannot process your patch. Has to do with the new stacking inputs. Thank you very much. Have a nice day.