Seq's/switches: non-repeating sequencer or switch?


Still pretty new to the modular world, and quite overwhelmed with all the different types of modules. I am looking for a specific functionality that I can’t find:

I want to use something like a sequencer or sequential switch that doesn’t automatically restart at the end of the sequence: I want it to stop at the last step and do nothing until the reset cv receives a trigger.

I am building is a string like instrument that does strumming (I play it with Error Instruments Raw Spring Nano). Every time it receives a trigger, the next snare get’s played. This should result in am upward or downward sequence. I got most of this working, but when I send more triggers then are in the sequence, it starts over.

Do you guys know of a module/approach i could use for this?

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Nyshti “Strummer” does exactly what you ask.
You could probably improvise something with a counter as well.



Well, there are a couple of modules that can help you, you can use Strummer from nysthi like dag2099 suggested that will allow you to “strum” triggers in both directions. You can also use the burst module from Repelzen that has also a CV output and a few modes like up, down, random, alternate and so on. You can always use one of those modules together with another sequencer and use them as a “clock” to run the sequence, and set the pitch you want for each step.


Thank you very much Guyyyyyyyss

And with those 'ittle pointers I find out that you have a full video on strumming in vcv @Omri_Cohen🤣


It seems I was incomplete in my question, sorry: these modules solve the issue of a strummed trigger pattern, by generating a string/burst of triggers. The thing is, I’ve got that part solved. My problem is with creating a V/oct CV pattern that starts over after a strum is finished.

Fot the triggers I use this awesome little Eurorack module called ‘Raw Spring Nano’ from Error Instruments:

The output of this module goes into vcvrack, through various instances of Leakage. One follower goes through a comparator to generate triggers when I strum the spring (one strum generates somewhere between 1 to about 20 triggers). A second instance of leakage also goes through comparator to generate a gate signal during 1 strum (it closes when the envelope goes below a certain point. A third instance of leakage generates the envelope for a global VCA. this way I can strum mannually, using a plectrum or my finger, doing plucked sounds, quick and slow strums, letting the spring vibrate for a while or choking it to create a short envelope. It’s really cool.

What I don’t have sorted out is how to make sure the V/Oct CV behave in a nice way. I started out with a sequencer, but the difficulty is that a strum can be from 1 trigger to many (up to 20 or something). My problem is that sequencers start over on the first string when the last step is reached, which means the sequence starts over halfway in the strum.

From Omri’s video I learned about the Multiverse module, which I am going to check out, and I just figured that maybe even quantum can do this. A hack would be to use a sequencer with very long patterns (32 steps).

I’ll post a video if/when I figure it out (providing that it allows me to do something musical :joy:)

The Stellare Modular sequencers have a one-shot mode, where they play through the sequence once and stop

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