SEQ-3 reset output not working correctly?

The manual for SEQ-3 says:

The STEPS knob sets the number of steps in the pattern. After the last step in the pattern is reached, an additional clock resets the step position to 1, and the RESET output emits a trigger. The step position can also be reset with the RESET button and trigger input.

It seems as if the reset trigger output does not fire when the step position resets to one. Is this wrong in the manual? (When my SEQ-3 fires such a trigger, I want it to change a sequential switch to add additional CV).

You are right, there is no trigger at the end of the steps, I think this is a bug. @pyer

Actually I believe it is a documentation error rather than a bug. I submitted a documentation error report to VCV shortly after the updated documentation was published.

End of sequence and Reset are different things in my mind, and the SEQ 3 never had the documented behavior. Do any other sequencers issue a reset trigger upon end of sequence? I’m not aware of any.


Does EOC count ?

No - that is End Of Cycle (or end of sequence), and it does not issue a trigger when the sequencer is reset. It supports my argument that EOC and reset are different things.

The faulty VCV documentation is describing EOC behavior that does not exist in SEQ 3. Adding an EOC output would be reasonable, but it should be separate from the Reset output.

I believe the SEQ 3 Reset output is there in case you want to reset your whole patch using the SEQ 3 Reset button. That seems like a reasonable thing to do. But I wouldn’t want to reset my entire patch every time the sequence reaches end of sequence and cycles.

The 8Seq does not have a Reset button, so there is no point in having a Reset output.

Also - SEQ 3 has the step gate outputs. Adding an EOC output would be largely redundant with the step 1 gate output.

This is the only reason I can think of why it’s there. a manual Reset or a triggered Reset out.

If you have a reset trigger input, then you can simply use that to reset your patch, and there is no need for SEQ 3 reset out. But if resetting from SEQ 3 reset button, then there is definitely a use for SEQ 3 reset out.