Separate MIDI-CV triggers by v/oct?

I’m looking for more tactile/exciting MIDI controllers for live performance, and I bought a Kat KTMP1 Drum Pad (manual here), hoping to use it like a big Akai LPD8—that each pad could send a separate trigger through the VCV Midi-CC module.

Instead, since it’s designed to work with a DAW drum kit, it’s more like a keyboard with four assignable notes. Instead I have to use VCV Midi-CV, and each hit triggers the one gate, and each pad changes the v/oct value.

Is there a good way to split/route triggers like this based on pitch? Is there a MIDI module that might do this on its own? I tried quantizing the pitch value to select one of four steps in an ML switch, but that’s very unreliable and has latency :confounded: .

Otherwise, suggestions for more appropriate trigger pad hardware? (Preferably in the same price range :sweat_smile:)

Yes, the MIDI-GATE module.


I have a wacky module that no-one uses. It’s called Polygate. It takes a polyphonic CV and Gate and outputs 8 mono gates. The gates are mapped to middle C and up, iirc.

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…and note that you can get it to output “gates” whose voltages carry the velocity of your hits by enabling “Velocity mode” on the context menu.


…wait, what??



…wow. Right under my nose! I feel silly. Thanks so much.

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