Selections not saving parameters


I have multiple projects where I use PatchMaster to control parameters with a MIDI controller. To smoothly transition between these projects, I’m saving them as selections and deleting and loading modules for each music track while performing, while I have a small combination of modules playing so there’s music playing continuously.

So I’ll have modules for track 1 and for the transition track, then I fade out track 1 and fade in the transition track, delete track 1’s modules and load the selection with track 2’s modules.

However, there’s some parameters that are wrong when I load the selections, and I tried to save them multiple times and this always happens.

Is there a way to solve this? I tried using 8FACE Mk2 because I have it on each of these projects to save their initial state, but I can’t load it with this module after loading it as a selection.

Thank you.

EDIT: I’m using Strip++

I am not sure which parameters are not saved in your patch, but you can try “Stoermelder S++”. This will actually load all parameters correctly including the midi mappings and the glue labels.

Oh, yes, sorry, I forgot to mention that I’m already using S++. Some knobs are turning to the wrong direction when I load the selection.

I thought of buying and using VCV Rack Pro as a solution, but my patches are all controlled by an APC 40 MkII through instances of MIDI-CAT. Is it possible to ignore Ableton Live’s MIDI connection to APC40 and use it to directly control the assigned parameters inside the patches?

I don’t know. Maybe you could show a screenshot of your patch so that one can better understand what you actually want to do.

I’m loading this patch and another one like this as a selection (one at a time, after deleting most modules from the file i start this with, so there’s no issues with CPU) and some knobs are not on the right position in both cases. I tried this multiple times, including in projects where i just have S++.

o.k. I have never had this problem with S++. Does this only affect buttons from the PatchMaster that are in the wrong position? Are the buttons not in the same position on the PatchMaster as they are on the Akai after loading, or what exactly do you mean by that? What is the reason that you have mapped the Akai to the PatchMaster?

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I control the PatchMaster with the Akai. The buttons are on the same position on both, because Akai is receiving feedback from the software, so changing a button’s value on PatchMaster makes it change on the controller.

Sorry, I meant the knobs. Which knobs are not in the correct position after loading the selection? Have you also tested this with knobs on other modules (not PatchMaster)?

Some parameteres in modules like Macro Oscillator 2, GeoDesics Black Hole, XFX-F35, XFX Grunge, Bogaudio VCA. Not sure if happens on modules not connected to PatchMaster.

What’s funny is, I just compared a PatchMaster parameter that was on the wrong position to the module it was associated to, which was a VCA, and the VCA was with the knob on the right direction until I moved PatchMaster, but for example in XFX Grunge and Macro Osc 2, the knobs that are wrong are wrong on both PatchMaster and the other module from the start, which was what made me find this issue, as I was using Macro Osc 2 for the bass sound and when I was loading the selection it was playing high notes instead of low notes, because 2 knobs parameters were not right.

Meanwhile, I’m using an external device to transition smoothly between tracks and solve this issue for live performances. This way I have sounds playing while I load a new patch.

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Did u solve this issue yet

No, I haven’t thought about this since then but I remember doing what I said on the last comment on the live performance I played at the time. I just played the transition track with another device connected to the audio ouput and closed and loaded patches on VCV while it played, instead of using selections.