Selection import no warning on missing modules

Hi , I’m new to VCV (just started to use it 3 days ago … haven’t sleep much since ) . So I just get 400 presets saved as Selection from Omri Cohen’s Patreon page When I first tried them the vast majority was just not working . I get very confused at first but then realized that the import selection was loading the selection without the missing module(s) and without giving any warning that module(s) were missing . I think it’s very confusing as you never know if a selection is missing or not a module (if you didn’t create the selection yourself) and when it does you don’t know which one is missing . I figure out that I could just transform .vcvs on .vcv and open it as a patch to find out if I missing module or not but (not very practical with a large number of file to process ) . Is it possible to have the import selection function acting like the open patch function and show a warning dialog box for missing modules ?

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(Vcv rack pro 2.4.1 macOS Arm64 - Ventura 13.6.3)

AFAIK There’s no option to turn that on.

These load failures probably show up in the log. If you have a text editor that supports live reload, like vscode, you could have the log file open and watch the log as you’re going through importing the selections.

Good bug/suggestion to send to

Just an aside, Omri showcases module collections, and his knowledge and use of modules from across the library is likely unsurpassed. As such, your best bet is probably to download everything if you are interested in following his patches.

That said, even then, you will likely have missing stuff if you use the ARM version of VCV, which is missing modules that Omri sometimes uses, such as Instruo’s (Omri is on Windows). You may be better off using the Rosetta build if you intend to study his patches while learning VCV.

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Thanks for your reply , I did discover the issue while opening the .vcvs file with a text editor (sublime text) , but found more efficient in my workflow (I’m just a musician not a developer unfortunately ) to just make a copy of the selection file and then modify the extension to .vcv and open it as a regular patch was the easiest way to find out if I have all the module necessary to open a selection file .

I will contact the support about this topic .In my opinion the import selection will benefit to have the same module missing detection as when you open a patch .

Thanks for your input , I couldn’t be more agree with you about Omri and his knowledge . I did pretty quickly realize the Arm version situation and did install both version on my computer and include a x64_ prefix in the filename of every selections that contains a non ARM module (Omri use a lot of Nysthi module as well :slight_smile: ) .

I chatted Omri about this vcvs thing on his patreon a few days ago and he actually suggested to just download everything. He uses the free modules so it works out.

Thanks for your reply , But has a beginner I don’t want to download every module available in the library and get lost in it . I prefer to try to focus on the minimum as possible for a start. My issue is not the Omri’s collection preset (but I think it’s a good thing if is aware of the problem) , but more the fact that the import selection is not reliable in the way it works actually and even if I install every module it would not solve the problem for me as I use primarily the Mac Arm plugin of VCV in Ableton (using the x64 only when needed ) . I did contact the support and here is their response

… Thanks for contacting support and thanks for the feature request! We will look into adding this feature in a future version of VCV Rack. … Paul Gatt

so just need to be patient and I will use the .vcvs to .vcv trick until it get implemented .

You may have to show some patience on this making an update.

There are compromises to be made here, especially if you are on an ARM Mac; you have to choose where you want to make them.

Without fear or favour, you can safely download everything but confine your searches in the library within ‘VCV’, ‘Bog Audio’, ‘Count Modula’ and ‘Vult’ and be entirely happy with those modules for years patching in VCV, yet still have the flexibility to explore Omri’s patches when you want to. The Library browser is very flexible.

I don’t mean to sound prescriptive, but there may be a way to navigate a more optimal path for a beginner in what may initially seem like an overwhelming space, if what is important to you is to follow Omri’s patches.

Anyway, feel free to ignore me, and others will give you different advice … the most important thing is to have fun!

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