Selecting modules and plugins from the Library Rack 2.x

How is the new functionality of the Library suppose to work? I am not new to Rack nor its Library layout, so we can skip the basics. I have searched the comments, but I am not seeing anything that is explaining, clearly, how the behavior is designed to work and/or where it is not working properly. How it is not working as designed, may clear up my questions. I maybe doing it incorrectly too. TBH, this is my first interaction with the Library since the launch of Rack 2.x, my previous plugins where already available, minus the ones who have yet to convert.

I am trying to decipher how the Library is suppose to work selecting, an entire plugin (containing all modules like it’s previous behavior), an individual module from a plugin (new, or it was my understanding this would be available), and what happens to the modules you “hide” from the context menu from within Rack Library listings? The obvious is they are now hidden but, how can I reverse this action? I see no documentation explaining the correct way to use the Library in its newest form. I am a perplexed. From my use and testing, it is not working as I first thought. Thanks!


  • How is the new functionality of the Library suppose to work? When I select online only an individual module from a plugin, I start Rack, it downloads the entire plugin. (not a question, just a statement of fact)

  • What am I doing wrong? Can you select just an individual module from a plugin? If so, how?

  • How do I reverse “hiding” an individual or group of modules from a plugin?

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If you like the previous behavior, then continue selecting the entire plugin and be happy. if, on the other hand, you have a question about the 2.0 library, feel free to ask a specific question. It sounds like you are asking other users to re-write the instruction manual. Sadly, that will not happen.

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Well I did see one specific question in there

At the top right of the library is a button? labelled ‘PLUGINS’

This leads to a list of whole plugins rather than modules. From there you can Add All or Remove All in order to get to a state where you don’t have some modules hidden.

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It is not a question of like or dislike, it is how it worked and we had no choice. As a Rack Pro user, I found the option a good one

I used too many words, sorry. I attribute this to my academic background. I will edit and make the questions in bold

TBH, I have zero cares or expectations, anything is in the manual. I never asked this of you, other developers, users of the community. I did not say put this information in the manual, please. That was only to deal with snarky replies like “did you read the manual?” search the community for answers


You can select an individual module from a plugin, but it will download the entire plugin as you have seen.

The plugin is a single code file plus a manifest and any supporting graphics and stuff, so there’s no way that it could be split into individual downloads for each module. When vcvrack connects to the server to check for updates, it also downloads a whitelist for any plugins where you’ve selected just some of the modules. This is then used to hide the modules you don’t want when you look in the module browser.


Thank you @carbon14 for explaining the process and resolving my confusion. I had totally misunderstood it