Selectable send/return module

I am looking for a compact module that allows you to select 1 of N send/return pairs. I can get what I am looking for with Bogaudio 8:1 paired with 1:8, and then add a 0-10V knob connected to both CV in to act as a selector. But that takes up more room than I’d like.

Both 8:1 and 1:8 have their own selector, but no way to get the selection out to be able to control the other.

I only need 3 pairs, but having the option for more would be good.

Allowing selection by radio buttons would be ideal, so you don’t have to step through intermediate selections to get what you want. But rotary selection works pretty well. A stepper would work OK as well as long as it can go both forward and backward.

Any ideas?

I would recommend VCV Library - stoermelder INTERMIX for that kind of routing. Polyphonic, Buttons, Level Control, CV-Input and low cpu-usage.

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the squonk or better thecage
with the cage you can multiplex 1 to 12 and 12 to 1

you can select single stages with buttons or trig or you can use a cv to select current stage

Thanks. That has a nice interface, is easy to comprehend, and has lots of room for nice Glue labels. And I see how it can easily be configured for what I am looking to do. I can use input 1 as primary input, and output 1 as primary output. Then each remaining output a send, and input a return. Then I can use scenes to select which send/pair I want. Scene one would route master in to master out for a bypass, or having everything off to disable everything.

It is much bigger than I was hoping for, nearly twice as big as my current Bogaudio 8:1,1:8 solution. But the interface is seductive. I think I will use this unless something smaller comes along that also has a good UI.

Damn. I forgot to mention all the inputs and outputs must be polyphonic. It works for my stated purpose if all is monophonic. The description in module selection menu system claims it is polyphonic, but no such luck. The actual documentation is correct in that it does not claim to support polyphony.

Back to looking for an alternative to the Bogaudio solution.

I think I finally figured out how cage could work for selectable monophonic send/returns. I don’t understand why most of the Nysthi modules are undocumented. I might use them more if they had docs.

But I forgot to mention that the send/return pairs must support polyphony.

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It is polyphonic, you have to set the number of polyphonic channels in the context menu.

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I think he does it to level the playing field - so those of us who do document our modules can still compete!


@Squinky.Labs I wish I can compete with the dsping of many you great modules creator !

But there are more trivial explanations :smiley:

  • having so few time I decided just to do the amusing part: the VCV rack tuzzi playground!

  • I’ve tried many times to start documents, finding myself in the never ending loops

  • the few times I tried I was so poor at it ! :sob:

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Oh my goodness - I even looked at the context menu, and managed to miss it! I think I started at the bottom, and then stopped looking once I reached one of the horizontal lines. My bad.

Thanks - very nice module for performance. All your modules are well thought out and eminently useful.

Not sure how much of an issue it might be, but one new feature to consider would be a context menu option to lock the pads to minimize the chance that a scene definition might change due to a stray mouse press.

Good suggestion, I added such an option a few moments ago! INTERMIX also got three new expanders this day :slightly_smiling_face:

You can grab the development here:
Release Nightly · stoermelder/vcvrack-packone (


Very cool! Thanks