Seeking confirmation of bug report and fix before submitting to VCV

UPDATE: thanks to @Jens.Peter.Nielsen for the confirmation.

Hi devs,

I’ve been noticing a segfault in Rack (2.0.6) when closing after having done some copy-pasting of modules during the session. I don’t know the exact reproducibility of this yet, so I want to try first with someone using a similar setup: using/compiling Rack sources in Windows in the MINGW64 shell.

If the bug (and the fix I’m proposing) are confirmed also on someone else’s setup, then I will submit this to VCV support. Please direct-message me if you are interested in helping me confirm this.


Marc :zap:

Hi Marc,

I’m using VCV o Win 11 64bit, I don’t have the developement setup here, I have just the release version of 2.0.6 installed,
if this is enough, I would like to help.
Just let me know how.

Hi Stephan, unfortunately in order to fully test my bug-fix, we need to add one line of code in one of Rack source code files, but I’ll send you the steps to reproduce if you can try, we can at least see if it’s not just me that can get the crash. I’ll message you. Thanks!

I am Marc but I’m not on Windows