Seeking an awesome drum groove for a demo video

Hello Rackers!

I’ve just added a feature to my Entrian Acoustic Drums module whereby you can add your own custom samples to it.

I’d like to make a demo video for the feature, but I’m no Stewart Copeland - does anyone have a patch with an interesting drum groove that they’d let me use in my demo?

Sequenced or generative, any style, just something that I can play through Acoustic Drums, and load in some custom samples to show off the feature.

Obviously I’ll give you full credit, and if you don’t already have a license for Entrian Acoustic Drums then I’ll happily give you one to say Thanks!


Paging Dr. Beat (@Eurikon) :slight_smile:


haha! @marc_boule :grin:

@Richie let me see if i can come up with something in the coming days, if you can wait a little for it?

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That’s a very generous offer, but I really wasn’t asking for an original patch - any existing patch with a suitable drum part would be great!

I’m no drummer at all, but got inspired by your request, so I knocked up this little patch.

Thou I’m sure this might not be what you really want, and I’m sure Latif will come up with something really substantial.

but I had fun making it and just wanted to share it … (should need only free modules beside the Entrian Drummer)

2020_09_27_rsmus7_Entrian-Jaathy_Beat_01.vcv (127.2 KB)

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Entrian-Drummer.vcv (118.1 KB)

Don’t know if this is suitable for your purpose?

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@rsmus7, @Eurikon: Thank you so much for these! They’re just what I needed.

And I have two Acoustic Drums demo videos that I want to make over the next few weeks, so they’ll both get used.

Thanks again!


You are welcome!

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As Latif says, you are welcome

the pleasure is on my side


@Richie you might want to play mine at a lower tempo, after hearing it again it felt better at a lower pace :slight_smile: (127 or so)

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