Second step / sndfile.h

hello, after being able to compile the rack and even run it, i tried to compile the plugin (

it depends on libsndfile. so i head over to this site ( and installed it.

now i get the following error: fatal error: sndfile.h: No such file or directory

could somebody explain what i need to do to make msys find that libsndfile.h ?

thanks and cheers,

edit: for now i just removed that sampler from the project and commented that line //LDFLAGS += -lsndfile

it works for the rest

The AepelzensModules README says to install libsamplerate on your system.

Note that this makes AepelzensModules plugin builds incompatible on other people’s computers, unless they have libsamplerate installed. A better solution is for Aepelzen to statically link the library.

thank you for the info.

as i didn’t want the sampler i could simply remove that and it works. i even tested it with a friend and he could start it, too