Searching module browser halts Rack

The Module Browser is giving me headaches: Whenever i type something in the search bar it slows VCV Rack down to a near crash for about 1-2 minutes. During that time Rack is unresponsive.

Anyone experience something like this?

I also have the same problem. It started today. I was actually about to create a new topic about this. I uninstalled VCV Rack and erased all plugins, I reinstalled VCV Rack and it was fine (with the Fundamental plugins). But when I finished updating all the other plugins this problem arised again. Apparently, a plugin (or plugins) causes the problem. But which?

It’s this one : Crash on right-click with Squinky Labs modules on Windows (with workarounds and possible fix)


I did already delete the squinkylabs folder, the behaviour stays.

It doesn’t crash, it’s just really really slow.

I thought so, that is why I didn’t answer your question, you are just slow rendering, was it ever fast ?

Sounds like an issue I had some time ago, apparently caused by a graphics card bug. In my case it was triggered by NYSTHI’s MusicalBox and the solution was to delete/disable this plugin - details and how-to can be found at

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Will try.

How’d you find out it was that specific module? Or is the Nysthi one a known bug?

The GitHub page and the forum discussion which is linked there seem to have details about that. :crossed_fingers:

update your OpenGL drivers


Thanks, will give that a try.

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o, btw, my issue was indeed solved by updating my OpenGL drivers. Thanks @synthi


I FEEL SO NERDY!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: