Search category addition

Search feature addon: I would like to see if a ‘speech’ category could be added, so that one could search for any module that can be used to generate speech-like sounds or straight up speech synthesis.

I know that Plaits has a speech synthesis mode, and that there are formant filters and glottal stopper and vox inhumana and vocoders et al, but are there any other speech synthesis modules out there?


Sure, added to Rack v2. In the future, see for feature requests.

Nyshti SAM is the only full on one i know.

Heh. SAM is kinda trippy to play around with. Not perfect with how it says certain things (“are” sounds like “arri” (movie camera brand) for example).

But. What it did do (almost instantly, i would have to say), was to remind me of a very similar sounding voice.


“What game would you like to play?” “global thermonuclear war”


I think it’s based on the Commodore 64 sound chip.