Search by module size

I’ve been using VCV rack for long enough now that I have got lots of modules in my library (I’m loving it). Sometimes I want to find a module that would fit well into a certain width gap, but right now there is no indication of the module size in the search menu. Adding a search by module size option would make this a lot easier. Is this a feasible feature request? Would others like this search feature?

Hello and Welcome… See for feature requests.

It is not really necessary to do this for a couple of reasons. Space is infinite. Moving the mouse, while dragging a module to a spot it would not usually fit into will push other modules out of the way when you press ctrl.

It’s 100% necessary, for aesthetics. Who cares if it sounds good, if it doesn’t also LOOK good?

See also:

Sure, but ultimately does the layout of modules really dictate how a patch will sound?

See Rules for VCV Rack category. To save you the time of posting a GitHub issue, I’d probably reject it due to width not being a well-defined property of a Model.