Scruby, reverse engineer it?

Hello all, I’ve been making music for too long and almost 20 years ago, there was a VST I would use all the time which is this one. It’s basically a sampler that randomly picks the incoming signal to a buffer and spits it out under certain criterias.

Since the plugin is in 32 bits, it won’t work on my new M1 Mac and I thought about reverse engineer it in VCV but perhaps there is something that does that already.

Its parameters are:

Seek range: I see it’s in hertz but I’m not sure what it is. Range: How much sound to grab for the buffer (or I guess buffer size). Duration: As in, how long is the output. Pitch control (Quantized): self explained Octave: range Wet/Dry: combining the incoming with the wet.

it also had a few modes such as sync to a master or not, picking notes (quantized).

I would use it to mangle percussion and it would do great at giving me so many variations, which is super useful for shakers or other. Also incredibly useful for glitches. I had a license of Crusher-X in the past which was a beast that made me forget about Scruby but now I miss it.

Suggestions would be appreciated.

Hello, this is a newish module, which may fit your ‘scrubbyness’ needs.

VCV Library - Yokai_Holiday Taps (

See if it does the business.

Destroy FX: Source Code


Try this, I think it does exactly what you are asking for:


won’t do, no. It only loads samples. I need something that is an effect that can randomly pick audio. If I play a loop, it would randomly some audio. I don’t want to load samples. thanks for the tip though! It’s a fun module i used before.

will check! thanks

Does kind of what you’re talking about.

Cool. I forgot to mention that it has an expander, where you can record your loops. I haven’t used it yet, but usually anything from Voxglitch is :ok_hand:.


oh cool! i’ll have a look!

I played with this. It’s pretty good nothing close to what Scruby does. Sound wise, it’s not exactly hitting the spot either. I had used it before and love all the Path collection but this one is my least favorite.

Nysthi Simpliciter can take audio, sample it, slice it and loop tiny bits. There are no manuals, and it’s not currently being supported by the developer but may be worth a look.

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Just come to me, u can use jbridge [free converter to 64 bit] to get the scrubby to work in VST Host but you got to pay for that I think.

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thanks for the tip but I’d like to reverse engineer it in VCV so I can tweak it to my tastes.

Sounds good, I would use a VCV Rack scruby as a module set up. So if you made a version, would it be as a single or many modules patch?

I’d see it as a one module thing

I don’t know Scruby, but this is a premium module (set) really worth it if you are into sample mangling:

Hope it helps!

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I think it would be easier to compile the Scrubby VST for 64 bits than recreating it in VCV.

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