Screen recording vcvrack on linux


is anyone recording their screen and audio on linux? I’m using camtasia on windows and macos with great results, but I am looking at system 76 laptops for fun and wondering what is used to do the same on linux

(Jim T) #2

OBS works pretty well altho I find I have to put the video through kdenlive afterwards to fix the colour.

you can also record using ffmpeg directly, there’s a couple of command line options around that work well.

(Skrylar) #3

I don’t seem to have this problem :thinking:

(Jim T) #4

no I’ve been trying to track it down. OBS is often reported to record with dark colours but no good explanation is given.

the weird thing is that all I have to do is drag the dark OBS video into kdenlive and render the video and it comes out perfectly. I have no idea.

I should add it’s not just OBS, it’s every screen recorder I’ve tried including ffmpeg at the command line, software or hardware encoding, different colour spaces, bitrates etc.

(Skrylar) #5

That does seem like a prime suspect. I remember the occasional pains with Natron and Blender regarding making sure the color spaces and profiles were set correctly during playback.


check the settings of obs. also, there are filters to do color correction.

(David Rodriguez) #7

I use OBS as well , but I eared SimpleScreenRecorder is great

(zero) #8

A plus one here for SimpleScreenRecorder - it’s never been a problem.