Schabbes and his live machine

Hi there!

I want to open a new thread here to demonstrate the current state of my “live-setup” and get you to follow me on Youtube and Twitch.

Also I want to use this opportunity to thank all the developers for enabling me to have a modular performance monster like this. This is something I have been wanting for a long time but could never afford, and now I don’t even want a real modular synth any more, since this has become better than the real thing in many ways.

So a big thank you to everybody involved!!! You are the best and you are making significant contributions to Art herself, expanding the edges of the universe and enabling humans to explore them!

Special thanks to stoermelder for giving me CPU-friendly MIDI-mapping with pickup-mode and Bogaudio for creating the Sine oscillator, which I use to synthesize kick and snare and everybody else who listened to my suggestions and requests.

This is me on Youtube:

And this is me on Twitch:

I hope to do a lot more of those kind of performances in the near future, so if you like this, please follow this thread and my Youtube and/or Twitch to keep me motivated :slight_smile:


You have some really nice patches there schabbes!

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made a bit of jam 2 days ago…

Recipe: start with something sweet and add noodles until it thickens, then spice it up.