Scala editor for OSX?

Hello, I was trying to find an editor to write my own Scala scales to use with VCV and I only found this

Which doesn’t seem to work well on my os (OSX 10.12)

Is there an alternative?

Many thanks

We were just talking about this in the surge slack (in surge 1.6.5 coming soon I have added support for kbm files so we needed a lot of testing). While it doesn’t seem as good as Scala, someone pointed me to which may help, and just requires a web browser.

And if it is of interest, if you download the latest surge vst nightly and just edit your scale in emacs or vi, surge will show you the entire frequency map across the keyboard in the scale display.

I know it’s not exactly an answer to your question but hope that helps


And there is Custom Scale Editor ( Price: 25 euro. You can import and edit tunings, and make scala (or tun) files with it.

.scl is just a text file, and the format is easy to understand.

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Perhaps, but I’d rather allocate that time to some other task

You can write your own scales in VCV Scalar directly. No need to mess with .scl files, unless you want to export a .scl file to another program.

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