Saving values from external controller after restarting VCV Rack

When connecting an external controller there is the problem that after a new start of VCV Rack the values set at the controller are no longer available. I have created a patch with the Alikins “Value Saver”, which preserves the set values at the VCV Console Mixer for example (see 1. picture). I’m currently using a Novation Zero controller that also stores the set values, so there’s practically no difference in handling to a real hardware component. I load this as a “template” to an existing patch or start directly with it. This is all great, but it is very complicated and confusing to connect all inputs of the console mixer (see 2. picture) and some inputs of various modules of the actual patch. My question is whether this is the only way to have values available again after a restart or is there an easier way?

This has been fixed in Rack v1.


YAY! Oh man, v1.0 is shaping up to something fantastic!