Save As always defaults to /patches rather than /patches-v1

Just hoping to find some information about this, if it is a bug I will report it properly, but I’m not sure if there is some logic that I’m not understanding.

Whenever I Save As it opens up in /patches which is not where I loaded or saved the last patch. It’s annoying because if I don’t remember to change the location I get a v1 patch in my v0.6 patch directory and I thought the whole idea behind the -v1 filenames was to avoid this.

Are we supposed to be migrating to /patches again?

Using linux if it makes any difference.

AFAIK it remembers the place you opened the file from , so if you opened a patch you downloaded from the net, and you want to save it it will go to your downloads folder (if that was the place you opened the file from).
So you probably opened a patch from patches that’s why it wants to save it there.

It does try to save where it was opened from but only if the patch is opened from somewhere (of course). I didn’t realise but I guess I must have noticed the wrong behaviour when going to File>New, it defaults to /patches. Open a patch from /patches-v1, go to new, save as - where does it open?

In my case patches-v1 (as it should)

And when I open a patch from patches, go to new, save as it will go to patches…

Where is your default patch saved? Ie the one that comes up when you select “new”?

It’s ~/.Rack/template-v1.vcv.

@Yeager you created a new patch and it defaulted to there? Do you have the patches directory as well as patches-v1?

It defaults to the last used folder, either patches or patches-v1, and yes I have both these folders.

And what about New which is opened from neither?

What do you mean ?

Going to File > New should open template-v1.vcv which is in the root of Rack directory rather than in one of the patches directories.

Yes it does , only it’s called template.vcv in my folder(s) not template-v1.vcv.

Are you sure that New reads from that file? For me, if I rename template-v1 to template I just get the default patch (with the fundamental modules and notes/instructions) which is not what is in the newly renamed template.vcv. As far as I can tell Rack v1 only opens template-v1.vcv when a new patch is loaded.

Sorry I have not set another template I just use the standard one with the fundamental modules, when I want to start a new patch I normally load a patch called 0000.vcv or 0001.vcv depending on what mixer I want to use, but those files are in the patches-v1 folder.
Sorry, but I get the feeling I’m not really helping you/anybody with the stuff I’m typing here…:slightly_smiling_face:

I’m still experiencing this problem. I have removed my Patches folder but Rack creates the folder when I go to Save As and prompts me to save there.

I have discovered that it has nothing to do with the template file/location, even after deleting my template-v1.vcv and then going to New to get the default one the same thing happens.

I even deleted my ~/.Rack folder and started up Rack, it still does the same thing.

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