Sanguine Monsters Releases

All announcements for Sanguine Monsters will appear here going forward.

Sanguine Monsters 2.1.0 has been released!

  • Clone monophonic channels to polyphonic outputs with our new, resident cloner “Dolly-X”! An undead sheep bent on cloning everything you feed it. It has such zeal… it began by cloning itself: this is a dual module.

  • Want to select a single channel from a polyphonic input to use as a switch? The creature in “Oraculus” has you covered!

  • Need a flexible fixed voltage source? “Raiju”, the lightning wolf, obeys your commands. It even offers a polyphonic output with one of each of the eight available voltages always at the ready. Need several copies of the same voltage as a polyphonic output? Each voltage channel can clone itself in its individual output, with user selectable clone counts per channel.

  • Want an attractive Euclidean sequencer? “Sphinx” is ready to produce a variety of patterns

    • Based on Southpole’s SNS; but with several enhancements:
      • It actually lets you set up to 32 steps.
      • Fixes an annoying bug where spurious steps were being generated if padding and rotation were applied at the same time.
      • The OLED screen changes color to reflect the currently selected mode (and controls show up in the darkness as they should, because the light hurts vampires’ eyes).
      • No need for menu diving! Everything is right there on the face plate.
      • Generates triggers on End of Cycle.
  • Want to easily synchronize audio and video in post? You need slates and, ideally, firing every recorder at once! You need “Brainz”! “Brainz” is a complex sequencer for controlling recorders and sending recordable metronome “slates” or audio bursts so that outputs can be easily synchronized. The best place to start using it is reading the manual.

  • “Hydra” and “Gegenees” now gray out their inactive steps: visuals are important!

  • While drunk step buttons that briefly flash their unselected state when you click them is a passing amusement… it gets old fast. So this is fixed in “Hydra” and “Gegenees”.

  • The manuals for Monsters and Mutants now have their own repository! Update your Monsters today so they point to the proper address!

  • The manual covers every available module so far and even includes a short tale for every monster!

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Sanguine Monsters 2.2.0 has been released!

This time it includes a tasty little six-limbed morsel: “Bukavac” a noisy creature with a plethora of colors and Perlin noise!

Based on the Fundamentals noise generator (what they perceive as “Black” we count as “Prism”, though) and NauModular’s “Perlin”. It includes light up outputs for each of the available noise colors and the Perlin Mix; as well as individual ports for each Perlin octave to use in those crazy loud modulations (or noise shapes!) Every output can be used simultaneously (what your CPU will think of that is a different matter).

This release also cures the Sphinx’s shyness when looked at in the module browser or bypassed; gives the shyness taken from Sphinx back to the shaped lights, for they were overconfident, and gives Brainz a light touch-up because it banged against the glass jar to complain it didn’t like its direction button. Monsters and Mutants have been collected in the browser under the same Brand: Sanguine Modules, so… now you know.

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Like living on the edge? Think manuals are just manufacturer suggestions or skip them entirely? Want the latest Monsters? Get a nightly build! Now available for the Monsters here: