Sample/track and hold x Logic problem

Hello oh wise ones.

I’m currently trying to get the most out of my APC Key 25 in VCV, using the launch controls for a variety of functions courtesy of MIDI-CAT, and I’ve set my sights on the knobs. When in Ableton, there are four sets of controls for the 8 knobs, cycling between volume, pan, send, and device, making a total of 32 knobs. Based on previous forum posts, I’ve found a good system for cycling through control modes, using KNOBS by Vult, which goes into RANDOM ACCESS SW 1-8 by Count Modular on the track and hold setting. This lets me cycle through, without the value defaulting to 0 when I swap out of a group.

The problem I now face, is that after changing the values of the knobs, if I swap into a different group, the new group will immediately change to the current setting of the knobs. This isn’t ideal. So, I’m trying to wrap my head around a method to only change the value once the knob value is equal to that of the existing value. For example, group one is volume, so I set the volume to 12 oclock, and go to group two, change that value to 3 oclock, and then go back to group one - at which point the volume will now jump up to 3 oclock as that is the value of the knob.

How do I hold the value until the knob value is equal to the held value?

I’m not sure this is exactly what you want, but earlier, I made a soft-takeover patch. It’s only for 8 CV’s but the method may be of some use.

Here’s a slightly modified version:

I lost track of the Rack modules a while ago - I wouldn’t be surprised if this can be done much simpler/ with fewer modules now.

CV MIDI CC>CV value output 1 is the selected CV number. (1-8)
CV MIDI CC>CV value output 2 is the value.

when the value changes (slope detector), it is compare to one of 8 stored values (CMP + 1:8 + SH-8 +8:1)if equal within a “window” (CMP window, random low value here is 0.07874V), the latch (DUAL SR F/F) is activated and the values are AND’ed with an LFO to be used for the SH-8 input.

Not very user friendly - the “display” that shows the selected CV is the LED’s on the Bogaudio 1:8 (and (8:1). This could be added on with a module to show large digits scaled from 0-10V in to the number of SH channels. Looking for a CV monitor - #6 by Jens.Peter.Nielsen

CV_soft_takeover.vcvs (19.7 KB)

I can’t figure out how to expand it to 32 CV’s at the moment :confused: