Sample player(s) keeping memory of previsouly loaded sound?


I want to share some patches with students and I need some joined sounds to be automatically loaded in (stereo) sample players. Is it possible if the samples are in the same folders as the patches? With which sample player(s)?

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It probably means the sample player(s) should be able to use relative file paths and not just absolute ones.

At least this one does save the file to the VCVrack folder:

Edit: you have to save the file via right-Click menu.

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In v2 of Rack, this will be easier because the .vcv patch file will be an archive that can include other files. This is the description of the upcoming feature:

This isn’t helpful to you for your immediate need, but I thought I’d mention it for future reference.


the phaseplant sampler by kilohearts as well as the edison vst plugin by image line - those both miraculously store all samples automatically directly inside the .vcv file (im looking at a 60+ meg .vcv file currently with about 8 samples nested inside). mux modular also let’s you choose to embed samples - which then get stored into whatever project file(.als, .vcv, .rpp, etc)… also the plugins like revisit and ni’s guitar rig reflektor stores samples inside the daw’s project file somehow so you never lose track of them even if you are jumping between multiple computers. im curious then:: is there no way a sampler module in vcv could also do this kind of sample embedding within the .vcv file itself?

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