Running and processing audio recording through VCV.

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I’m having a bunch of ideas lately, one of them being to process sounds, sequences or loops I’ve recorded either out in the field or in a daw with VCV Rack. Now I understand that there are modules such as the Simpliciter from Nysthi, but so far I haven’t been able to find a way to either, load a longer loop into VCV for playback and processing or to feed a sound live into VCV and modulate it that way. Does anyone have any experience with these things and if so, would you care to share any ideas, advices and approaches you might have used in achieving this. Thank you so much!

You should be able to read in audio in the Audio module, possibly the same one you’re using for Rack’s audio output. Try plugging into its lower “output” jacks; if the scope shows your audio signal, pass this through modules like any audio-rate signal. Fun!

If you don’t get an audio signal there, add another Audio module and look for the right audio device.

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Correct, this is how I feed live guitar into VCV. I did find it slightly confusing at first that the input is labelled ‘FROM DEVICE’ but it’s fine once you’re used to it. For working with sounds that are already recorded, I use Nysthi’s Sussudio:

(VCV Library - NYSTHI Sussudio)

It handles large audio files, and the bonus is 6 playback heads meaning you can play back the same sound at different speeds, forwards/reverse etc. There’s quite a few other samplers in the library, but some of them seem to crash with longer files.

I often record a whole patch, then chuck it into a new patch for re-sampling/re-processing with effects, or go through my audio dump of VCV out-takes and mash different patches together. Hours of fun. :wink:


Absolutely amazing!! Thank you so much for the advice!!