Routing VCV Rack to Ableton

Hello everyone, Just wondering if it’s possible to route the output of VCV to Ableton using Steinberg UR22, I can’t find anything online about it.

Are you sure? These my tutorials for windows (you will find all needed links in youtube description). If you’re on mac just replace ASIO link PRO with Soundflower or Blackhole, the concept of connection is still the same. Watch this video first

And then this one if you would go further

I’ve seen your videos! My question is if it’s possible to you use a physical audio interface to achieve the same goal. I have also tried VoiceMeter, have you tried it?

Asio link pro will use your steinberg’s asio driver for output, it just make a connection between two apps inside your computer. No, Voicemeter brings a huge delay and not fit into that configuration


Thank you for sharing this. Is there any hope for folks that are only running Ableton Standard, or does one need Ableton Suite’s CV Tools to get this to work?


Currently getting this error, do you know anything about it?

Nope, doesn’t appear on ni complete 6 or focusrite sapphire. You may check your settings twice or run apps in that order like in my video, this is mandatory for sure.

You will need some wav file that can generate a clock

Artem,your solution looks awesome.

I have system where VCVRack controls my hardware Euro through an ES-8 (mostly CV) and Ableton runs on a Focusrite 8i6 which handles audio I/O.

I just wanted to check that neither Asio Link, nor Jack related solutions will support my setup: Both Jack and Asio Link Pro require an audio module, so this will always clash with the Audio module I use for the ES-8, correct?

My current solution is to simply route physical audio cables from the ES-8 into the Focusrite audio interface.

And off course, Rack V2 promises to solve my problem, which is why I haven’t bene looking for a solution…