Routing VCV Rack to Ableton using bridge? For a Mac

There is some information here on this but nothing that is clear. It seems that somewhere out there there should be is clear directions on how to direct your vcv rack into another DAW with a Mac computer. Possibly using Bridge.

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try Blackhole

Yup, Blackhole does the trick. Also recommend creating an Aggregate Device in Audio MIDI where you combine Blackhole with your audio interface.

For example, if you have a 4 outputs on your audio interface, allocate the first 4 slots on the Aggregate Device to the interface and the next 4 (I think up to 16) to Blackhole. Send audio from Rack to audio outputs 5-8 (“To Device” in Audio-8). In the DAW, select the new Aggregate Device as your input and output sources. The audio will be routed into the DAW via as external inputs 5-8.

Similarly, you can route Audio and CV into Rack from your DAW. Works like a charm with Ableton. No bridge required.

There is no supported method for using VCV Rack with other software yet. That’s what the VST (and other similar plugin formats) are for. See