routing vcv <-> daw via multichannel sound interface

this is one of those posts where i hope i realize my dumb mistake while im writing the post;

is it possible to route a sound out of ableton into vcv and back again using the ins and out of a sound interface? ive tried it but havent had any success.

im thinking it could be built into the code to encourage buying vcv pro - which, if its the case, fair enough.

thanks in advance

I’d normally do something like this using JACK audio, but I guess that’s not something that Ableton can work with :#

it does and ive done something like this but id prefer use some cables if possible

"the basic idea behind ASIO is that professional audio applications entirely take ownership of the ASIO device. Only very few ASIO drivers support true multiple application access. This effectively means that you can not use 2 or more applications using the same ASIO device at the same time. "

from vidancehome

On Windows 10 and 11, I have had some success using VB-Audio VoiceMeeter Potato to route between asio software - but that said, I wouldn’t recommend it - it’s not easy to set up, and sometimes it just doesn’t work right.

VCV 2.0 Pro routes 16 channels between Ableton Live and Rack running as VST.

ah so its probably a restriction in the driver software. that makes sense. using an RME on osx if that makes a difference. thanks

If you are using an RME interface then you should be able to do it with Loopback in the RME Totalmix software - that’s exactly what I did before getting Pro (I have an RME Digiface). Loopback is like cabling outputs to inputs on the interface without actually using cables. For example, if you turn loopback on for outputs 3&4, then that signal will be available on inputs 3&4. This is great for sending audio back and forth between applications and tends to have lower latency than software solutions like Blackhole.

Just keep in mind that if you are using outputs to send from one application (like outputs 3&4 for example) then you can’t use those same outputs in the other applications - and the same goes for inputs.