Routing Rack audio outputs to UA Apollo virtual channels

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I started playing around with Rack today and it’s been incredibly fun. I was wondering if there’s a way to change the audio output channels. Right now audio is coming out outputs 1-2 of my interface but I would like to route them to the virtual outputs on the UA Apollo Console. Is this possible?



I do not recall what additional steps I may have followed initially to set this up but it is definitely possible. I am currently sending my left and right audio out of VCV Rack into the 5 & 6 inputs on the VCV Rack Audio module and this is giving me a stereo feed into virtual channels 1 & 2 in the UAD console. Using a nice Lexicon reverb plugin on my entire VCV Rack audio is great.

Inputs 1 & 2 on the Audio module send things out to my speakers without plugins and 5 & 6 go through the virtual channels in the console.

Hope this helps! I recall it being a fair amount of trial and error but nothing tough.

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Thanks for you response. Running Rack through UAD reverbs is exactly what I’m trying to achieve.


please forgive me if you have tried this already but it took me a while to find out there’s an I/O matrix tab in the console app’s settings. When i changed all the inputs and outputs to virtual it worked for me…
mine looks like this:

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