Route browser/plugin to Rack?


is there any way you know to route audio from browser (such as, Chrome) into VCV Rack?

Thanks for any tips/tutorial

Which OS are you on? I’ve used an app called VB cable on Windows.

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Yes I’m on Windows. Is that VB hard to setup and use?

If you have an audio device with ASIO driver you can try this:
Synchronous Audio Router (

No, it’s dead easy to use. Just install it, then select your output in the system tray as VB cable out instead of the usual headphones/speakers. Then select VB cable input in VCV. I haven’t tried this with rack, but it worked for recording YouTube from a browser into Audacity, and also for recording from Pure Data.

Also VB - VB Matrix (free nagware)

In the images below, I have a setup with a Behringer USB soundcard ASIO drivers.

Ctrl click the “master” label to enable the HW audio interface
Ctrl-click its “online” label to enable the VASIO8

click the “Matrix Logo” to open the routing window.
mouse-click to select a square where you want a patch connection - space to make the connection using “0dB” attenuation. (A right-click on the square brings up more options.).
space to connect “Matrix VAIO 1(1)” to “VASIO8(1)” and “Matrix VAIO 1(2)” to “VASIO8(2)” - that will be your L and R outputs from chrome to your 1&2 inputs in Rack.
“M” mutes a connection. You want to mute the windows direct output to hardware soundcard, our you will get space/delay-effect. (haas like) Mute “MATRIX VAIO1(1)” → “Out 1” and “MATRIX VAIO1(2)” → “Out 2”

windows (Chrome) output to “VBMatrix In 1”

Add a VCV Rack Audio interface. set “driver” to “ASIO”
select “Device” = “VB-Matrix VASIO-8” (you can make virtual ASIO interfaces with up to 128 channels)

I used Voicemeeter Potato before, but it had some issues - the sound would crackle if VCV was not running in the foreground etc. VB Matrix is working good so far.
the GUI-design has s few weak points, but it’s manageable.

my go-to way to do this is:

open Reaper —> select the “loopback device/driver [caution]” —> route the signal —> arm a track

that easy if you have Rack 2 Pro, you can play in almost real time. otherwise you need some trick that intercept the audio flow through the driver, as other guys said here above. One big pro with my way on windows (I have win 10 pro) is that is this “loopback” on Reaper acts a shared device, not like ASIO that is exclusive

Not seems to work.

Here’s the audio windows setting: image

Where I can see “somethings” pass to it:


But now on Rack.


it does nothing:

Tried both CABLE input/output and WASAPI/DirectSound…

Sorry, my mistake. You want ‘cable output’ in VCV:



That seems to work.

Nope, as said tried also Cable OUTPUT on Rack, can’t see any signal :open_mouth:

Hmm, that’s strange. I just tried it again, selected cable input for the Windows playback device, then cable output in VCV, and played a YouTube video in a Firefox tab. Sound came through straight away. Not sure if the exclusive mode settings make any difference:

Got the same problem me too. Maybe Windows 11?

I have same settings:

I’ve noticed, but by using Voicemeeter Banana, some troubles about sampleRate (all modules run a bit slower).

I hesitate to use VB-Audio Matrix at the moment.

Update: I got it works on FL Studio, this way:

So the VB works in FL Studio, not in Rack. Maybe somethings other to setup on Rack? Another Audio Module? Not sure I can deal with that params on VCV…