Round robbin "poly trigger" module??

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Was wondering if there is a module that has a single monophonic input, that takes a single trigger and then every time a trigger is to the input, it send the trigger to the next poly output?

First trigger goes to poly output 1 Second trigger to poly output 2 Third trigger to poly out 3 Etc…

In a round robbins kind of fashion.

I have build it with modules and lots of cables, but it seems like a module that could exists, just can’t seem to find one.

Does anyone know if this exists?

Thanks, Jakob

I believe you can do this with Rotor by Stoermelder. You have to check its manual online though…

Hey :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestion, I see this module can have it’s use cases for sure, will surely use it for something else in the future.

But for this case it doesn’t seem to do the trick. It takes a CV signal to the mod input to change to other voices That would take a few extra modules. I’d like it to just progress to next voice, when it gets the trigger input, so it only needs one input, the trigger input.


  1. Send trigger to module.
  2. Trigger first sets voice nr(trigger an internal counter that scans throught the output).
  3. Sends the trigger to the selected voice nr.

I just installed the dev environment yesterday. I might have to try to build this, it doesn’t seem like the hardest place to start. Haven’t done any poly modules before, so this could be a good starting point.

But I still have a feeling it exists somewhere in the library.

Bogaudio has a module doing precisely that, with excellent documentation:

Grande has two modules that do that, plus additional features, also with excellent documentation:

The Alef’s Bits Slips sequencer has that feature build in, but it is not documented. The context menu has a “channels” option to specify how many channels to use for the main sequence, with an option to do the same to the mod sequence.


Thank you :slight_smile:

The BogAudio Assign seems to do the trick :slight_smile: