Roland UM-ONE + Audio Interface MIDI for complete Ableton Live Integrtaion

Got a UM-One to plug into my Presonus interface MIDI. In VCV rack vst I can route in and out of the UM-ONE upto 16 channels of midi note/cv. So in Ableton I can have up to 16 tracks recieveing midi from VCV and 16 tracks sending to VCV. Also because VCV rack exposes 8 stereo channels of audio in and out, I can use up to 8 stereo tracks of audio into VCV and 8 out of VCV for a mix of instruments and effects processing. For me this is creative heaven. Thank you Andrew. Things just wouldnt be the same without VCV rack.

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May I ask what Presonus interface you are using? I have the old audiobox96 but thinking about upgrading. I don’t have rack pro yet so I want to make sure everything will be compatible.

Studio 26c