RME dc coupled and VCV anyone?

Hello there,
I’m experimenting with connecting VCV directly to an hardware VCO using my RME dc coupled outs.

I’m sending pitch out cv from SEQ3, and I’m getting some unexpected results.

Has anyone tried with a similar set up?

Thanks in advance

not sure if this helps but in the past I would use MOTU devices to send out CV and eventually found that they did not output enough voltage for some modules. Have you used a scope to measure things like a mordax data ?

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that’s interesting, which modules in particular?

RME is a name of a brand. What specific audio interface you’re using? I neved heard about any of RME devices having DC-coupled outputs.

Babyface Pro + ES-8 combo is great, tho.

Hello, I’m using a FF400 which has DC coupled outs on 7 and 8.

I know it works, because it worked with silent way (expert sleepers own plug in) but I was trying to make it work with VCV directly

ES-8 is great, they’re all great, I want them all :wink:

Only the headphone outputs are DC-coupled.


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exactly, outputs 7-8 are also, but not only, the headphone outputs, on the RME FF400

i remember first noticing it with the subcon voicetail, then a it would be a few others. This was a couple years ago and I remember going through research and threads where it was tested that the MOTU interfaces were around 2.5V vs the somewhat loose eurorack standard of 5v. I’m not sure if RME is the same though.