RIP Wayne Shorter


Saw him once live in weather report. Was a super good show.


Wayne is a towering figure to me, I bathed long in the Miles Davis Second Quintet and Wayne is the principal composer of this era of miles music. I also adore many Weather Report albums, Zawinul was a great composer as well, and the group had many dimensions to taste. The solo records of the 60s are great, many great tunes, the solo groups of the 90s and 00s are heavy duty jazz. I find his sense of harmony and melody to be singular and quirky in the finest of ways, a searching voice on the tenor and a juggling jester and profound prince on the soprano depending on where he heard thing going. In a Silent Way, Masqualero, Palladium, JuJu, Tyner’s Expectations, Footprints, so many great moments to think on and learn from.

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