RIP Klaus Schulze

Another legend gone :frowning:



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Another legend indeed! It’s sad but not unexpected. Klaus was quite frail in later years. For anyone with a true love of electronic music there’s much inspiration to be had in the extremely large catalogue of Klaus’ music. He has made some truly beautiful pieces, one of my favorites in the video above.

RIP Klaus, with much love and appreciation of your music!


Very sad news…

Klaus Schulze was definitely one of the artists that inspired me to delve deeper into electronic music. I still have many of his albums (mostly as CD’s) and have spent countless hours listening to his music.

Klaus Schulze may have left this mortal coil, but he left his vast contribution to electronic music behind. For current and future generations to explore and enjoy…

The Klaus Schulze Discography

Although I recently posted his Body Love (1977) album in the “What are you listening to” thread, here on VCV Rack Lounge. But…I can’t simply name a favorite album or track to aptly commemorate him.

RIP Klaus Schulze


RIP Klaus! May you forever enthrall souls wherever you now are now.

I got first exposed to Klaus Schulze as part of Stomu Yamashta’s Go, I was played the Live in Paris from 1976 on double vinyl in sometime around 1979 and was instantly enthralled, Then I clicked he also did the Dune soundtrack in 1977, which was another one I liked from start to finish. Definitely got me hooked on electronic music. What an amazing discography to leave behind, not many artists are that good and that prolific at the same time.

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I’m shocked. And so sad … I listend to his music since 35 years.

Now he’s gone…

R.I.P. Klaus Schulze