Ridiculous patch with Fluencerator & ML Evolution

This is just me messing around with modules I don’t understand. The It turned into something that sounds goofy & pleasant. The Hora Detour has everything randomly modulated.

Sequencing by Autinn Fluencerator and ML Evolution.

At no time during making this patch did I look at the manuals for the sequencers, or at the Hora Detour manual. So I have seriously no idea what’s going on.

2021-12-20-3.vcv (9.0 KB)


hehe, the only way I tend to approach any module I have no clue what it does is plug stuff in and check what it does (ear/scope/analyzer…). Manuals are a last resort, if I still, after trying my best, can’t get it to seemingly do a thing, or work out what it is doing

Tried but:


I’ll be happy to listen if you post the recording though.

yes would like to her it!

I didn’t think about it “Hey all free modules” but I compiled Synthkit myself and Unfiltered & VultCompacts are paid.

Here’s a video link but it’s still uploading.