Ridiculous Collection Idea: Analog Flaw Emulation


emulators of common analog gear flaws to add instability and character to the vcv eurorack environment

I have been watching a lot of Hainbach videos and they have led me to realize that limitations and flaws in gear can often lead to different results. I thought it might be interesting to conceptualize a module collection that brings the annoyances and quirks of hardware to a digital realm where everything is always perfect. The hope is that it could introduce analog character in the form of imperfections (and perhaps interesting challenges).

I can’t code at all, but I imagine many of these could be created fairly easily. I don’t know if anyone is even interested in a collection like this. If anyone wants to do anything with the idea go for it. Id love to be a part of the process and I am capable on the graphics side, please just let me know so I can follow along or help!



//Analog tuning instability emulator

[Random fine detune, different for every instance]

plug into the v/oct of your osc.

-v/oct in and out (for running pitch through)



//Analog intonation instability emulator

-v/oct in and out (for running pitch through)

-offset knob (set the range where instability starts)

-depth knob (how out of tune it gets as voltages get higher)



//Analog drift emulator [slooowly drifts a cv value. intended for pitch but could be used on other things]

-v/oct in and out (for running pitch through)

-intensity knob (and cv in?)

-speed knob (and cv in?)



//Analog fm principal instability emulator

emulation of detuning that occurs after fm

[not sure how to implement this]



//vintage analog ambient power draw emulator

[Light switch or plug that slightly lowers the entire racks cv values, and slows simpliciters etc?]

-Draw knob

-intensity knob


Once again this is an odd collection idea and might not be worth anyone’s time but I thought I’d put it out there. :slight_smile:


Sounds a little bit like the Drift Pack bundle that Insomniac Music produces for Voltage Modular and that’s one of my favourite set of modules as it does let you add in some instability to simulate analog behaviour.


Wow! I don’t use voltage modular but that a great reference for similar ideas! @main.tenant

I particularly think variations of the following would be interesting:

  • Lag Drift: Random lag for control signals. (variation in signals response)

  • Sync Drift: Random timing variations for sync/trigger/gate signals. (unstable clock)

  • Dynamic Noise: Adds noise to audio (or control!) signals, with the noise level following the input. (possibly just a simulation of dirty power)

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there’s Triggerfish Slop and Lifeforms modular Driftgen for this, but you can mix your modulations with noise to add imperfections to your signal