reverting Rack versions?

updated to 2.5.2 a week ago or so, built a patch with no issue, opened it up today to keep building but I’m getting frame drops, cracks and pops, huge glitches, timing is way off (project is at 120 but the real rate was closer to 90). I’m running win10 OS build 19045.4529 with an AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor 3.80 GHz and 64gb of dd4 RAM and a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060. I’ve run huge patches in the past with 0 issues, got VCV Pro2 on launch, these issues are all new to me. I run 1 thread at 44.1 and a block size of 128. I tried upping block size to the max and that did not help. I ran the CPU meter for the modules in the patch and all were nowhere near max, but my CPU usage within VCV was over 200%.

So, I’m looking to revert versions in the hope that this is just a temporary issue. Where can I go to grab older versions of VCV?

Hi @kaleidasonic, we’d love to look into this. Could you contact us at VCV support so we can do so? It would be helpful if, in addition to the information above, you could include Rack’s log.txt file and a patch you’re experiencing this with.

While you do what @ecuk asked could you try upping the threads (and leave the blocksize of 128). Try 2 threads and then maybe 3 ?.

where would I find this log? -edit- found it and sent

upping the threads helped with the weird time division issue but it didn’t help anything else - crackle, stutter, and mild distortion of non-high gain voices still persist

Too bad, keep us posted on what support can do for you.

for sure. do you know where I can grab older versions?

Yes, the free versions are all here :

Go here if you’re looking for the pro version.

But keep in mind that when you installed the 2.5.2 version your user directory was moved to another location.

… and installing the old version doesn’t move it back. You’ll get a new clean user folder without patches or plugins, and all your subscribed plugins will need to be downloaded again, unless you copy them from the “new” location.

Or do this :


welp, bit by the driver demons again - graphics card had a driver update I missed, installed and restarted, all of the audio issues are gone now. remember to check your drivers kids!


Shame on you, glad you figured it out, happy racking. :wink: :partying_face:

There is no desire to move on from 2.4.1, there are only problems with the new update, there are developers who start creating their plugins only for version 2.5.2, it would be estimated that until rack is absolutely stable not to force a dubious update.

I believe all problems have been sorted out with 2.5.2. What problems are you experiencing? It would help to sort myth from fact.


Yes maybe but yet Im in paranoid.

I can confirm, 2.5.2 is solid