Reverse Snare

I am new in this forum so hello to everybody her in the VCV Community! I playing around and experimenting with VCV Rack since about 6 month an I must say that VCV Rack is really a great piece of software. Here is my question: I would need a reverse snare. I know how I can do normal snare (for example with Hora). But how can I do a reverse snare? Does anybody here in Rackland have some Tips for me? Thanks, Bernhard

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record the snare into a nysthi sampler n play it backwards - simples! :grinning:


Hi, and welcome to the forum!

The Hora PCM drum modules have a trigger input exactly for that: REV

If you don’t have the PCM drum modules, try to experiment with the Mschack PING-PONG delay module, it has a reverse delay built-in that can be triggered: GNIP GNOP

Hope this helps! Have fun :wink:

@muwkuu Hi. Thanks for fast reply. This was my first thought about doing a reverse snare. But if possible I would do it without sampler.

Nysthi clockable delay - reverse button and fully wet mix?

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Hi. I will try that with the Ping Pong today evening. If it does not bring me to a result I think I will purchase Hora modules. Thank you.

you can give a look of this perfect snare synthesis tutorial by @Espen and bear in mind work with inverted envelope (long attack , short release ) especially for the noise


Hello. This trick with the delays is a good idea. I will test it today evening. Thanks.

I am really overwhelmed by all the feedback in such a short time. Rackland is really cool! I will try all today evening and maybe night. :grinning: When I have found a solution I will come back and present it here. :+1:

If it is a snare sample from your own library, you can also load it into a Quadsimpler from Nysthi. Set the speed to -1 and reverse it goes!

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and if you need a reverse reverb on the reverse snare, don’t forget convolvzilla ! :smiley:


use luppolo3 and trigger the direction and play

download a reverse snare sample and play it :upside_down_face:

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Hi. I think I have found a solution that works for me:

I have sampled a snare from Entrian Acoustic Drums with NYSTHI Simpliciter and reversed it.

In Entrian Acoustic Drums I am able to load custom samples and I have loaded my reversed snare.

Now I can perfectly sequence it for example with Hora Drum Sequencer :+1: Thank you very much for your inputs and tips.