Reverse Reverb / Shoegazer Reverb

Hi I’ve been searching the forum and general Eurorack pages wondering if there is a way to create a reverse reverb effect similar to the Alesis Midiverb or Yamaha SPX90. This type of sound can be heard prominently by My Bloody Valentine or Slowdive.

I’m thinking something like running the wet from a verb into something like Flag Prince of Perception and then into a reverb again but it’s not quite gelling.

Any thoughts?

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Airwindows MV is based on the Alesis Midiverb, and sounds really good. But as for reverse reverb, I have never successfully created this effect in Rack. Closest I’ve got was: Prince of Perception set really slow and reverse (no feedback), to Reverb, to another Prince of Perception set to the same settings, also reverse.


Thanks for the tip on Airwindows, somehow I’ve never seen that plugin and although you mention it not having a reverse I’m excited to try it out.

Regarding the reverse your suggestion to double on the Prince of Perceptions sounds like a good option. Thank you!

To any devs that might come across this post perhaps a Yamaha SPX90 clone reverb would be a cool if not unique addition to the library.


I see this IR collection mentioned/recommended on KVR and Reddit (it’s 10 UKP).

there’s an Alesis Midiverb II Impulse Pack for sale too.

VCV pro comes with a convolution reverb, and there’s one in the NYSTHI collection.


You should try MV and MV2 from Airwindows Suite these were made to recreate this kind of effects.

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Hmm, one effect I haven’t tried to make yet. Challenge accepted! Taps is another good reverse delay, which might be worth a look.

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Thank you all for the suggestions!

@Jens.Peter.Nielsen - It’s funny I was thinking about IRs and getting “Pro” which I will eventually do no matter what but I came across those Surefyre sets and had the happy coincidence of the Nsynthi modules becoming available for ARM at the same time. Do you have experience with the pro version convolution reverb vs the Nsynthi one?

@VirtualModular - will definitely look at Taps too and excited to see if you persue making the effect, if you do please update me!

Have a good one!

Not too much experience, I used VCV Pro convolution module for a while - but it was using a lot of resources, and hardly left any CPU for the rest of Rack. I didn’t do a lot of troubleshooting wrt ASIO config etc.

I ended up using Liquidsonics Reverberate 3 in VST Host - it does the 4 channel “True Stereo” IR’s too. Downside is that it’s $99.


I wanted to use this: Truestereo Bricasti M7

An extreme case of large IR, NYSTHI has better performance. VCV convolver spikes at 120% on my 2019 PC. Using the same file (that could easily be muted after 15-20 seconds - a process that is easy to do with an envelope in Liquidsonics Reverberate 3. Have to load the IR’s in a wav editor to make them shorter if VCV convolver is used.)

Using this insanely large IR, NYSTHI Convolvzilla crackles using the default setting (no spikes on the load monitor). But it’s smooth if i change the BLOCK SIZE to 2048 in the right-click menu.

And here’s “Reverberate” with cropping and envelope.


I’ve done a thing with two prince of perceptions with a reverb in between. the first to reverse the sound and the second unreverses it with reverb on but it doesn’t do it “live”

I had a quick go at this, using Plateau into Taps with both set to 100% wet. Kind of works, but even with the feedback at zero, I couldn’t stop it creating more than one repeat. For the genuine reverse reverb, you want a single tap. Anyway, Taps seemed to work better than Prince of Perception for this. Haven’t tried it with guitar yet, might do that later.

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Update: we’ve been overthinking this, and Jens wins with the simple idea of using convolution. If you have Pro, I noticed you can just right click and reverse the impulse. So take any regular impulse, reverse it and you get reverse reverb which works perfectly. Can upload a quick audio demo if anyone wants to hear it, it’s not my favourite effect to be quite honest but this works quite well.



I love that Convolver for all it’s features, but dang, it uses wayyyy too much CPU, spikes of CPU abound… Even on quite short and innocent IRs that consume 0.2% in Nysthi’s Convolvzilla, but use 100+ times as much in spikes in the VCV one. I reported that long ago, but up until now nothing has improved on that front. So usage mileage may vary…

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Audio would be good, thanks. £185 for a few new fxs seemed a little steep to me! Fractalgee’s comments about CPU usage, is another drawback. I’ll stick with Nysthi Convolvzilla and reverse the IR in Audacity. Much appreciate all your efforts and try outs and wonderful patches.

Yep, the CPU issue is a shame, even worse if you stretch it. I’ll try the Nysthi one tomorrow.

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Thank you! I was messing around with the Nysthi convo but got stuck looking for good IR’s to emulate that piece of hardware, the thought of reversing any IR didn’t even cross my mind and is such a cooler solution. Regarding wether or not I like that effect in general a lot I’m with you I just thought it would be cool to have / try in VCV. Thanks again!

Also to everyone who chimed in thank you as well. I buy a lot of of the premium plugins to support but have been on the fence for the VCV pro as I don’t need to use it as a plugin and not really interested in the standard effects except for the convolution reverb but if it’s performance is bad it’s sort of a no deal for me for now so I appreciate the heads up.

I’m a bit confused by the term “reverse reverb” now. There is the one way, @VirtualModular suggestion, where an event happens, and the reverb of that event is reversed after the event. And then there is the way suggested by @dag2099 , where the reverb builds up to the event (which is how I also understand it). Obviously this is impossible to do live, but an event can be delayed by a bar or something, allowing for the reverb to swell up. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter. But it is a really interesting subject for me. This community is really cool :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Ah, I see what you mean. I used to do the reverse reverb buildup in the analogue world on a 4-track, if you just flip the tape it plays backwards. I would reverse some guitar, then bounce down the reversed part with regular reverb, then reverse it again so the guitar is playing forwards, but the reverb is reversed.

I was thinking of the reverse reverb effect you used to get on the old hardware processors. I had this on an old ART Multiverb LT which I still have somewhere, no idea if it works.

Anyway, I can confirm using Convolvzilla works - just get a regular impulse and reverse it in a sound editor. I made a quick recording then realised mp3 isn’t a supported file type to upload to the forum :laughing:


I’ll ask nysthi to add a “reverse” IR via context menu