Reverse delay

Hello everyone, is/are there modules that can create/be utilised to create reverse delay? Been musing on this for a while. NYSTHI Complex Simpliciter can play reverse tape wise and then a delay would that work? It’s experimentation time huzzah! Any advice on any modules would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Checkout Mschack: PingPong delay, little button gnipgnop :wink:


Thanks Eurikon, I miss the details sometimes! Like your patches so far, you making any more? Enjoyed your ‘Day of the Dead’ one. See if that fulfils my experimental streak!

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Hi, thanks for the nice words. Yes there will be more patches :slight_smile:

Keep an eye out on this thread. Enjoy experimenting and have fun!

nysthi clockable delay, and set the “REVERSE”


Thanks Antonio, is the ‘REVERSE’ marked on the module as Rev and is a led button? I will give that module a go, although I’ve been using it for a while in one of my strips and just kept pressing that button, assuming it was for that, but not that sure!

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