Reset an LFO with a polyphonic gate


I made a polyphonic organ patch which I control using a midi keyboard. I’m using an LFO (8FO) in the patch which I would like to reset whenever a new key is pressed. I’m using the MIDI-CV module and tried to connect both the gate and the re-trigger outputs to the Reset input of 8FO. I checked the result with Scope and it seems that the reset happens sometimes when a new key is pressed but not always. I managed to solve the problem by using the SUM module so it seems like the reset input on 8FO is only listening to the first channel of the polyphonic gate signal. I wonder if there’s a reason for that?

Thanks for your help! Omer

In a lot of polyphonic modules you need to check which input defines the number of polyphonic channels. Bogaudio mentions this in the manual for every module:

Polyphony: polyphonic, with channels defined by the V/OCT input.

So you need to patch a polyphonic cable with the same number of channels to the V/Oct of 8FO (if you want to use the 8FO polyphonic) - with the same number of channels your Midi-CV is set to. If you don’t want to modulate the V/Oct just use a Merge and some zero voltage source like an 8Vert and connect the number of channels you need.

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