Rescomb 2 preview

Hi Rackerz. I am honored to introduce you to the upcoming news from the Vult stables. The kind God Vult has sent us this new stallion. It is still in the test version, but it will be available soon for everyone (edit: for all peoples who have a Vult Premium pack ) . This time I received a version to test and I will tell you what to expect. It is a new bright jewel for the collection. New possibilities of modulating sounds. Personally, I love every module signed by Vult. Rescomb 2 is in principle suitable for everything you can thicken the sound to give it a metallic taste in a sense, you can also control other modules. At the moment I will not describe all of its features and functions. One thing I can tell you is this module is amazing. New toy to noise creators :smiley:
So as you can see in this small presentation :slight_smile: it’s probably worth spending a little penny and enjoying the whole Premium package. If it does not convince you - well, but I will say it is one of those basic paid packages that you must have.


It is still in the test version, but it will be available soon for everyone.

Did Leonardo say on the FB group that it will be only for the Premium owners?

I also recall him saying this.

Cool, can’t wait. I use rescomb a lot

the premium and compact package are totally worth it (how you could live without vortex?)


Agreed. The Polivoks clone is killer on it’s own terms. And I say that as an owner of a Polivoks flavoured Mutable Instruments Shruthi. I haven’t got the Erica Synths version, which I believe Leonardo modelled, but Vortex breaks up in a very similar manner to the Mutable version.

The world needs more unstable filters!

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