Request: Offline registration

Is there a chance the designer could add offline registration licenses to VCV Rack Pro and how do you backup & recover all your settings and installed plugins on VCV Rack Pro for Mac in macOS Monterey?

As I understand it, online registration for licenses is necessary for copy protection.

You select what plugins you want to install on the VCV site and they are then download to Rack. That list of installed plugins is part of your account so there is no need to back them up. If you were to lose a hard drive or something like that then you would just reinstall Rack, log into your account and all the plugins you selected would be there to download.

.vcv patch files you make should be backed up though of course - same as any other user generated files.

I’m just thinking of the future of VCV Rack when it’s not in production anymore. Could be a long way off. Any projection?

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My guess is that even if VCV Rack stops being developed, it will still exist, and other people will fork and improve it (Cardinal, miRack, etc.)

Yeah but then all we need is patch compatibility between VCV Rack Pro & the alternative VCV rack software versions. Also although I love miRack I want way more racks included with it such as way more racks such as all the docB racks & other great VCV Rack Pro racks.

For me the base question is, if VCV went titsup for whatever reason, would we still be able to use the premium modules that we’ve paid for.

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Yeah that’s what I was talking about regarding offline registration. Any option workable is worth it to keep all the premium & also free modules but I imagine there’s a long life to VCV Rack Pro I just hate online software. Steinberg stuff isn’t better to me online and same thing with the Cherry Audio things. Things like Live and Max4Live, etc. are good in the event my online vanishes.

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