Repelzen Re-Burst

Does anyone have an idea as to whether Repelzen Re-Burst will be updated for V2? If not, can you recommend an alternate burst module?

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Maybe this one…

Or if you like to experiment with unofficial build :

download, unzip, put the .vcvplugin file in your “plugins” folder
open and close Rack2 - when you launch it again the plugins should be there


NYSTHI’s Ratchet as well


I know that Ichneumonid is more of a random switch but feeding your preferred bursts to the SHAPES inputs can serve you well.

You can precisely call your bursts by the SELECT input or modify the probability randomly getting it with the ARRIVE knob.


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I see it in version 2

you might try this link if you are on a MAC…

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Whose google drive folder is that? Most people here seem to agree that redistributing modified GPLv3 plugins “naked” is a violation of the GPL license. Do all these have licenses that allow this form or modification and redistribution? (I’m only assuming these are modified by porting from VCV 1 to VCV 2.)

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Not sure whos, but I think I found the link on this thread… “plugins that are questionable whether there will be V2 updates”

ah, ok.