Removing ability to add individual modules on VCV Library

With over 3,000 modules now on the VCV Library, I feel that the ability to add individual modules is too tedious and time-consuming. I propose that in 1-2 weeks, the “Add” button next to module thumbnails will be replaced with an “Add <plugin>” button. On the main search index page, you will be able to add/remove plugins or go to each module’s plugin page with one click.

Premium modules will have an “Add <product> to cart” button, and when purchased, you will be able to “Remove <plugin>” and “Add <plugin>” just like free modules.

After this transition, all of your individually-added modules will be converted to plugin “subscriptions” (although we will retire that term) and you will see all modules in each plugin you own. In a later VCV Rack update, we might add module hiding which, along with module favorites, will be synchronized to your VCV account.

I am interested what VCV Rack users think of this proposal, so feel free to add your thoughts here!


Hello vortico! I actually prefer the ability to “subscribe” to individual modules. There is still the ability to subscribe to plugins and i use that for those that i want all modules for.

I recently went through and “cleaned out” specific modules i dont use.

I see this as an important feature in contexts like live performance, patching quickly, etc.

I see hiding as a potential fix but really it sounds like more work.

Ive tried to utilize favorites in the past but each version of the mb (stoermelders mb, etc) has a separate favorites list… this means more work for the user.

I suppose the most reasonable thing to do would be to add a button to the library to subscribe to either the plugin or the module.

Thats my two cents…

Thanks for all you do.


This is music to my ears.

Lost count of the amount of hours I spent explaining to users why beta versions of our modules weren’t showing up in their library - the reason being they had added individual modules from our plugin and therefore anything they had not added wouldn’t show up - including of course new beta modules that weren’t in the library yet and thus couldn’t be added…

Some kind of hide/exclude functionality would be MUCH better as it would avoid that problem entirely - as any module that hadn’t been actively excluded would show.

Curating a good favourites list while having access to all modules has always been the best solution imo as it gives you the flexibility to open anyone else’s patches and explore new modules when the mood takes you, while having a minimised library view of your own favourite modules to work with.


I heartily welcome such a change.

I think there is still room for better personalized library management, but for me at least, the individual module subscriptions just got in the way - I always went out of my way to subscribe to a plugin instead.

I would like to see the ability to add user defined tags to modules that could then be filtered, choosing to only display modules that match a user tag(s), or hide modules that match a user tag(s). Existing favorites could be converted into a “favorite” user tag. I suppose it would be best if there was some other term that would not be confused with the existing tags, but I think the concept is clear enough.

But delaying any enhancements to library management is fine for short term as long as you remove the individual module subscriptions.


Agreed, this is the way to go. Management of individual modules should happen in VCV, while collections can be managed via the website. Thanks for making this change.


Apparently i am the minority.

I like this idea of what is effectively a default opt-in to all modules of a plugin, especially if it is eventually coupled with a way for users to opt out of (or ‘hide’) individual modules should they want to do so. I probably wouldn’t want to do so, but I can see that others might.

I also want to second what @DaveVenom said about the user-defined tag idea. I was trying to figure out how best to word the same idea myself, and I couldn’t have said it any better.

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I think it’s an excellent idea -however if individually favorited modules info could be saved within user account data, that’d be a welcome change too.

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From the perspective of supporting a big module collection, I think this is great.

The most common support question I’ve had with the surge package is definitely “why didn’t I get a new module when upgrading” since they added all the modules so had a white list. Remove all and click subscribe to fix works every time.

Thank you for considering this change. I whole heartedly support it.


Looks like so far I am in the minority but I really don’t like the idea for a couple reasons.

I often only add modules i would like to use / need because I actually stopped ysing Vcv due to overload, spending too much time messing with modules and not enough making music. Only recently did i try a new approach and delete / efit down my “collection” which has made Vcv so much more fun for yours truly.

There is a lot of overlap in some plugins and i really would freak out ( i have mild ocd / severe adhd ) if i have to look at 20 adsrs when searching my library / its like a record collection, i dont want duplicates or albums i don’t listen to just a curated collection of records that i find interesting or like to haze out to.

As someone else mentioned having a giant library would also slow down / complicate live / jams when bringing up the right mod quickly is important.

At least for me i may cancel many plugins just to keep my library manageable, i don’t know how this would effect devs but ?

Finally i dont think it would matter as much if the search / tagging of mods in both the app and site were a bit deeper or allowed for personalized tagging within the app but that framework is currently way too general.


I think that subscribing to whole collections is the better choice, and will prevent confusion, especially with new users. That said, I would love to have a choice to “hide” modules in the browser itself, and make the process of searching a module less overwhelming. For example, users who have both the free and commercial Vult collections, don’t really need some of the free modules since they are, more or less, the same as the commercial ones (Basal, Bleak, Caudal, and also some of the filters, etc.). Instead of subscribing module by module, or by just having all the modules appear when looking for a filter, a way to “hide” specific modules, just like the ability to save some as favorites, would be a HUGE help. I remember that in V1, I used the MB module from Stoermelder a lot, and it had this feature. It was super helpful.


I have never used the add module button and honestly find it incredibly annoying to have to go up to Plugins and find what I was looking at so I can add it.

This is a great idea. I have always considered it. I am only interested in one module, but when I download that module, I receive all the modules from that brand…

I am in favor of this change as it removes a lot of uncertainty and prevents a lot of help requests. Module hiding is a cool idea for future enhancement of the browser as well, as long as there is an easy way to see what is hidden…

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I’m in favor of the proposed change.Hopefully browser concerns can also be addressed at some point. 3000+ modules is overwhelming, but I love that rich selection. I fight the browser all of the time though.

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I think it’s a good idea. Having the “Add a module” option causes more confusion than benefit.

(Although I did use this feature to block most of the blank modules and 140 out of the 147 NYSTHI modules :blush:)

I still feel like hiding a ton of modules would be a huge burden. I’d strongly hope for the ability to bulk hide modules.

One more repost on adding two buttons to the library “subcribe to just this module” and “subscribe to whole _____ plugin” i think this would leave room for users to choose their own path and clear up confusion…


I also vote for the proposed change.

I would also support the addition of tags as @DaveVenom suggested.

One other little annoyance I have about the current browser is the inability to scroll through brands (unless using MB). For example, I find myself not using VCV modules, unless they are favorites, because they are at the bottom of the list.

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A great idea to simplify the acquiring experience, but we all really really need an improved browser experience. The dirt simple addition of tags or multiple custom folder would solve it in a single update.

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I have never used the add module feature, I always get the whole plugin, so for me it is a positive change

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