Remote VCV RACK integration with Logic X

Has anyone been able to control the bpm of VCV modules by a DAW remotely?
(For example: send via LOGIC X to VCV, both installed on different machines)?

As my DAW is in MACOS with little hardware capability I installed VCV on a Windows PC and am trying to explore what I can do with logic x remotely

Uhm… Stellare Link can do the job via Ableton as a DAW. And Trowa’s modules had OSC module, but it’s still not updated as i know.
A monstrous workaround is possible anyway: you can use virtual midi cables, some OSC patch for MAX/vvvv etc. But it’s not worth the effort I think.

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You can try rtpMidi on Windows. I‘m not sure about the Apple-side, but I guess it is supported natively by the OS. I have no experience how reliable this works.


If it is on a another machine could you just do it the analogue way? Send a short transient into VCV’s Audio Interface and envelope it or record a clock pulse in VCV and sample it in Logic then send it to VCV?

jack over the network perhaps?

(I m not experience in this particular topic, I only bring this alternative )

I have Logic x on a machine and I want to send a clock pulse to the VCV (which is in another machine).
And control the BPM of some VCV modules for example.
I think that’s it.

I created the network and was able to connect, but I could not find a way to configure logic x send signals between VCV and Logic x, I do not know how to do this to send clock pulses, gates, control BPM or send MIDI signals by logic x

Ehm, I used the last version of Logic on Windows, which was 5.5 and is many years ago. I can’t help you how to set up Logic. But setup should be the same as any other midi-device: You have to configure midi clock or cc or gate to go out of the virtual midi device.
On Rack just add MIDI-CV and select the virtual midi device created on the Windows system. Form there you have your CLK output.