Reminder to upvote issues on VCV Rack's issue tracker

The article (linked from says to “vote for [a bug report or feature request] by adding a ‘thumb-up’ reaction on the first post”. Yet, the most upvoted issue only has 18 upvotes at this time. The 10th most upvoted only has 4. This isn’t enough data for me to prioritize issues for VCV Rack given that there are 100k+ users of Rack. Please remember to upvote issues on VCV Rack’s issue tracker so I can prioritize bug fixes and feature additions.



Silly / not so serious comment #1 (but this really is the #1 feature I would wish for too… ): Is there a topic/feature request for Rack v2 & VST version…? :stuck_out_tongue:

Second after, Multi Touch Support. But then I would be upvoting me own issue/feature and I know this is out of your hands due to glfw… :confused:


This call is always open.

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