"remap" notes from computer keyboard?

Is there a straightforward way to remap the midi notes coming from a computer keyboard without a third party plugin (i.e., not needing HOST)? I only need specific notes from the computer keyboard and I’m using some of those keys for other controls. I can think of some convoluted ways to do this (all of which add several modules to the patch), but am wondering if there’s an efficient way to do this. I’m trying to avoid adding yet another midi device to the setup :upside_down_face:

Your computer keyboard is view by VCV as a MIDI keyboard…

There is surely VCV modules that can do the job…

I let advanced VCV users to give you yhe best solutions

MIDI-CV (included in base install of Rack). It is actually used in the default template patch that ships with the install set to Computer Keyboard…

Thanks for that. I think I didn’t state very clearly. I know how to get MIDI from the computer keyboard into VCV and use it for various things…I have many keys already doing jobs in my patch. But I need to play some notes with the computer keyboard also, and the midi notes that are “default” for the keys I have left available are not the right pitches. I can devise ways to convert the default note information coming from the keyboard into the pitches I need, but that adds several modules to an already big patch. So I am wondering if there is a very efficient way to remap the notes coming from the computer keyboard? I am trying to not add another midi keyboard to my setup and use what I’ve already got, but maybe there is no reasonable option?

sounds like some kind of quantizer might do it?

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sorry I misunderstood completely what it was you were after, my bad

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might this work?

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